Chris Hall


Name Chris Hall
Nicknames  Chally, Metronome, Ice Man, Novak
Debut  2002.   Appearances 252
Football Hates it
Fascinating fact Often gets mistaken for Novak Djokovic
Best figures 6-28 and 49*   Runs 1,542   Wkts 400   Catches 80

WHCC Chally 250A Walsall Health living legend: batsman, bowler, master fielder and all round-athlete, stats guru and sportsman.

Chris holds more club records than we care to mention but you can guarantee one thing: he knows exactly what they all are. And will be able to reel them off.  Chris has held the record for most wickets in a season (47) since 2006. And is a 9 time winner of the Bowler of the Year Award.

Chris became only the 4th bowler in club history to take 300 wkts with a spell of 5-15 against Blackwood in June 2017. His 9th 5 wicket haul for WHCC

Chris also joined a select group of players to register 250 appearances and has scored over 1,500 runs.

On the 8th August 2021 against Peopleton, Chris became the leading wicket taker in the clubs history. Over-taking the legendary Tim Oliver’s total of 387.

Playing against Alrewas (May 2022) at the annual game in memory of two former team mates, Tim and Andie Oliver, Chris became the first bowler in WHCC history to take 400 wickets


Bowler of the Year 2004  2006  2010  2012  2014  2015  2016  2020  2021

Fielder of the Year 2009

Clubman of the Year 2006  2020  2022

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