V Lichfield Nomads (23/07/17)


Walsall Health 188-3 (40 overs) beat Lichfield Nomads 84-9 (40 overs) by 104 runs.

Before we begin…it was a win not a ‘winning draw’. Let’s put a stop to those thoughts once and for all.

The Elf played away this week to Lichfield Nomads who inflicted one of only two losses the Elf have been on the receiving end of so far this season.
Looking to exert revenge captain Hewlitt won the toss and elected to bat first on a ‘damp’ wicket.
Dave Preece and Chuckie opened up, Dave fresh off his ton earlier on in the season slapped a few boundaries on his way to 20 before generously walking off after a caught behind shout. Dave’s average this season is still a record high of 144….

Fitzpatrick, waiting for his call up to the NBA.


Gary Fitzpatrick was in at three sporting a rather over sized non cricket top with the NBA logo on it (see the picture to decide if it’s village or not….) but unfortunately for Fitz his new bat wasn’t put to good use when he was trapped in front for a quack.

Rob Hewlitt was in at four and similar to Dave Preece got a start and got out when he was caught at square leg off Cartwright and the Elf went into drinks at 61-3 hoping to set 140 or so on a wicket that was cutting more that a Conservative government.

Rich Fell was in at five and Trig give Dan Dunn the ultimate pad rash (get some Sudocrem on those shins kid) as Trig & Chuck put on a magnificent 127 run partnership for the fourth wicket with a few big sixes along the way.
In amongst the carnage, Chuck surpassed 700 runs for the season. The man from South Africa is beating his own record with every run he scores this season and eventually ended up with a superb 89 not out which given the context on that deck was worth at least 120.
Trig backed up his 47 from a few weeks ago with a boundary laden 49 not out to send his average for the season over 50 despite not reaching the landmark.
There was a landmark that the Elf legend broke this week though; 2,000 runs. Only a select few swordsman have broken through that barrier and Trig has become the latest one. BIG HAND.

The Elf set 189 for victory and dived into the teas (see tea review) and set about defending their large total in the late afternoon sun.
Teenagers Armstrong and Dunn opened the bowling and produced one of the finest opening stints in Elf history; with Dunn finishing with figures only reserved for 18+ magazines 8-6-3-2….WOW. As Andy Gray would say ‘take a bow son….TAKE A BOW’. Dunn’s wickets were the1st and 3rd of the day when Gardiner was out caught by ‘The Hangover’ Greg Phillpott and the third was Heslington who nicked off to Fitz.
In between that the dangerous looking George was ran out by a superb piece of fielding from Dave Preece who made ‘2 become 1’ in a bit of Spice Girls fielding at square leg.

1st change was a familiar affair; C.Hall & T.Davies. Davies backed up Dunn’s stint when he bowled three maidens to begin his spell, two of those with a wicket after both Trig and mid on and Chall at short 3rd man took sublime catches to see Davies get his 20th wicket of the season.

Dan Dunn then showed his fielding prowess when he ran out Terry for 29 and Tom Davies got to his 69th wicket in Elf colours when Rolfe nicked off to Chuck at slip.

With the victory all but sewn up, Chall got a wicket when Dunn again made light work of some fielding

JP, enjoying a bit too much of the ‘puff’

and took a good catch. The ninth wicket was something straight out of Dai’s garden in the early 2000s: Preece to Preece when Hoddy chipped JP to Dave and Nomads were 9 down.

However, a lot like the previous week the Elf could not take the final wicket. Pickering and Cartwright had a final wicket stand of 22 and the Elf were left licking their wounds a little despite the victory which takes them to a record equalling tenth win of the season and it’s not even August!

Drinks review

Drinks served in American ‘frat party’ red cups this week was a real treat. 8/10

Tea review

STRONG tea this week, probably the best away tea the lads have had this season. Loads of sandwiches on a variety of breads, mini samosas and mini sausages/rolls. Topped off with some excellent cakes and a fruit salad to energise athletes Fitz & Chall. Only gets a 9 though because there weren’t any olives. 9/10


Love Island update

Sad scenes today when the lads found out Love Island comes to its dramatic conclusion this week. Male favourite Camilla is still there but apparently Marcel shouldn’t win? In a side story Nicka Dunn dropped Love Island into a tale to a bouncer on his night out in Worcester on Friday. Nicka had one too many ciders in student frequenter ‘Bushwackers’ when he undid the buttons on his shirt, only to be told to put the hair chest away by the doorman. Nicka’s response will live in Elf history, the man from Rushall told the bouncers he was ‘filming for Love Island’ and had to keep the buttons open, which the doorman believed and walked off. Brilliant.

Shower Club update

Only two showers in the Whittington changing room with a wall in between  to the lads’ disappointment. Decent water flow and heat but  get rid of the wall, we’re all friends here! Trig entered legendary status when he had a two stop strategy under the water today showering after his knock and after the game. Superb. 7/10

Tales from the travelator

One end on the park track had a few similarities to the travelator at Rushall, Chall and padwan Dan Armstrong bowled to remarkably close figures, both men going for 23 and 22 runs respectively. Still better than bowling with a bar of Cussons Pearley Chall?


Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
 Preece, D  c ? b Hutton  20
 Chuck, I not out 89
 Fitzpatrick, G lbw Fearon 0
Hewlitt, R c ? b Cartwright 19
Fell, R not out 49
Dunn, D dnb
Armstrong, D dnb
Hall, C dnb
Phillpott, G dnb
Davies, T dnb
Preece, J dnb
 Extras  11
Walsall Health  188
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Armstrong, D  8 1 23 0
Dunn, D 6 6 3 2
 Hall, C 8 1 22 1
 Davies, T 7 5 6 3
Preece ,J 5 1 12 1
Phillpott, G 4 0 15 0



V Old Moseley Fit Men (16/07/17)


Walsall Health CC 211-7 (40 overs) beat Old Moseley Fitmen 159-9 (40 overs) by 52 runs

First of all, before we start, the oppo are calling this a losing draw. A LOSING DRAW? This ain’t the Specsavers County Championship mate, this is the equivalent of the Benson and Hedges Cup; you don’t get the runs, you lose! Nearly choked on my Steak & Ale pie when I heard.


The Elf were at home for the third fixture in a row but this week it was back at Rushall to face annual July opponents Old Moseley Fitmen.

Rob Hewlitt won the toss and chose to bat first with only 7 fitmen at the ground. Fortunately for the visitors they were soon up to the full 11 with last year’s nemesis ‘Mo’ who scored 134 out of 181 to steer them to a victory, arrived after only 1 over had been bowled.

Gort & Chuck opened for the Elf but Gort was bowled by a bloke playing in black tracksuit bottoms for 8. Alex Nunns was out to bat at three but his innings was short lived when he played on for a solitary run and the Elf were 30-2 after ten overs.
Rob Hewlitt joined Chuck who was going along nicely and the Elf’s skipper elevated the run rate somewhat has he crashed five boundaries on his way to a well made 34 before spooning a catch off Caesar. The damage was done after a 70 run partnership between the skipper and the overseas player Chuck.

The Elf’s middle order was made up of teenage sensations and regular Love Island watchers Dan Dunn & Dan Armstrong.
Dunn unfortunately was ran out by Chuck for 2 after he made 30 last Sunday but Armstrong was certainly racing ahead with his run rate with a few lusty blows to get the score back on track.

Chuck reached his fifty and Dan Armstrong was looking in good touch before he was bowled for a very well made 42, his highest score for the Elf.

Rich Fell was next in but both he and Chuck were out, Chuck out LBW (AGAIN) for the inning’s top score of 73.

With five a bit overs to go Tom Davies and Chris Hall entered the fray at 182-7 and looked to accelerate proceedings. Both men from the Black Country managed to do so, Davies nudged his way to 9 not out by the end but Chally struck a few boundaries including a monster 6 over square leg to bring up the Elf’s 200. Eventually they set a target of 212 for the fitmen to win.

Teas were superb (see tea review).

The second innings began with teenagers Dunn & Armstrong opening up the defence, both of these youths bowled expertly well against ‘Mo’ and their opening spell going for 21 runs off the first eight overs.

It wasn’t until the first change that we saw some wickets. Nicka Dunn replaced Armstrong at the ‘zip line end’ and bowled opener Green for 9. Nicka also picked up the second wicket of Sharif (who didn’t like it) LBW.

A decent partnership between Frost and Mo seemed to be tipped the balance back to the away side until overseas player Ian Chuck was brought on at 2nd change after Chall’s thankless task up the travelator  came to a sudden end.
Chuck got Frost caught and bowled and the Elf seemed to be in good spirits. Nicka picked up his third when he sent Kestin’s bails flying.
Then the key wicket was taken; Mo on 49 looking to get the runs on his own and bring back bad memories of last year’s run chase chipped Chuckie to Chall at mid on who certainly wasn’t going to drop another one after he dropped Mo off his own bowling earlier in the afternoon.
Chuck got Raj next ball and the Fitmen looked down and out at 90odd for six.
Jonny Preece got Houlgate caught in the deep (a tidy catch from Nunns) and then Tom Davies on full janitor duties dismissed Bal & Nutt but the last wicket didn’t come their way, Caesar and Tasker batted nicely and almost put on a last wicket stand of fifty to see the Elf win by 52 runs in the end.

Two away fixtures in two weeks for the Elf as they travel to Lichfield Nomads to hopefully exert revenge from their loss in June.
Drinks review

Chilled squash kept in the fridge. George on full 12th man duties handing out cups at the first drinks break. 8/10

Tea review

Gail delivered again. A wonderful spread, ham & mustard sandwiches, cheese & pickle sandwiches on both white and brown bread, superb.

OLIVES….need I say more? Samosas, superb cakes, sausage rolls. It was all there, nothing more you could have asked for on that buffet. The opposition even brought their own pies and served a few up during the Elf’s innings. 10/10.

Love Island update

The teenage contingent provided the update this week. Something about a ‘re-coupling’ on Friday and also some lads who were kicked out are now back in? Theo is a snake and on Monday the lads shaved each other’s genitalia. Village.

Shower Club

Always decent showers at Rushall, right temprature to sooth the aching bodies. Tom Davies devastated to find out he’d left his ‘Lemon & Oak’ shower gel at Aldridge last week which will mean a trip out this week to get some new stuff. 7/10

Tales from the travelator

Dan Dunn bowled exceptionally well running up the hill but Chally took a bit of tap, his seven overs going for 39 runs not quite monkey territory but not far off. Chuck picked up a three-for and JP got one too so the wickets evenly shared out. Chall was especially annoyed as he’d been training all week on the treadmill set at the highest incline to no avail. Altitude training it is next week.

Written by Tom Davies 

Batting Runs
Gorton, A b Tasker


Chuck, I lwb Caesar


Nunns, A b Raj 1
Hewlitt, R c ? b Caesar 34
Dunn, D run out (by Chuck “surprise surprise”) 2
Armstrong, D b Caesar  42
Fell, R b Caesar 7
Hall, C not out 19
Davies, T not out 9
Dunn, A dnb
Preece, J dnb


Walsall Health


Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Armstrong, D





Dunn, D





Dunn, A





Hall, C





Chuck, I  3 0 9  3
Davies, T  8 2 25 2
Preece, J 5 0 25 2
Fell, R 1 0 9 0




V Oak n Ash (09/07/17)


Walsall Health 150 All Out (39.3 overs) lost to Oak N Ash 154-6 (35.1 overs) by 3 wickets

The Elf were back at home this week on the ‘coliseum’ at Aldridge for the first time this season against Oak N Ask who they defeated back in April by the narrowest of margins; 5 runs.

Rob Hewlitt won the toss and decided to bat first on a glorious day. Chuck and Gort got things going with a solid base being formed and seeing off the opening bowlers until Gort got a bit of a taste of his own medicine when he was stumped for 18.

Dan Dunn was in at 3. It should have been 4 but Greg Phillpott decided to go to the shop for an ice cream and Dan took his place.
The younger Dunn, usually known for his prowess with the ball, showed some maturity at the crease by playing some excellent shots in a good partnership with Chuck until the man from Durban was out for 39.
Greg Phillpott joined Dan and the two men put on a solid partnership to see the Elf past 100. Unfortunately, Greg was out for 24 which was a shame as he was looking in good touch.
Nathan Reeves was in at five, played the shot to pick up a boundary but was caught at slip for four and then Rob Hewlitt was duly dismissed for a quack when Chucky triggered him.
JP got the second quack of the innings and the wheels appeared to be coming off for the Elf when Chorley was out for a single (like Greg’s Saturday night) but Nathan Martin steadied the ship with 15 valuable runs lower down the order before Tom Davies finally got off the mark for the season with an inside edge down to fine leg and the lads posted 150.

After the teas were demolished, the Elf set about defending their below par score with Nathan Martin and Nicka Dunn on season debut bowled some tight lines, their 13 overs going for less than 3 an over but neither man picked up a wicket.
Tom Davies came on at 1st change but was unable to break through, unfortunately went for a bit of tap off the Oak N Ash opener ‘Luke’ who was making batting look easy out in the middle.
It wasn’t until The Legend Chris Hall came on and picked up two wickets that the Elf started to get themselves back in the game. Dan Dunn replaced Chall and picked up two wickets from 3 overs to solidify his place as an all rounder in the Elf line up.
Chucky bowled some spin but got pinged for 18 off one over which tipped the game back to Oak N


Ash once he had finished his spell, picking up a wicket in the process.
With 14 needed Tom Davies steamed in and picked up the Elf’s 6 dismissal not before losing his mind over an LBW decision given not out and having his shirt half off in protest. VILLAGE.

Oak N Ask saw themselves home with 4 byes and handed the Elf only their 2nd defeat of the season. The boys are back at Rushall next week to fact Old Moseley Fitmen. Chorley is already in training to take on the travelator.

Drinks review

Three drinks breaks today, George was on hand again to dish out the squash. Hard to refrigerate at the Coliseum, no electricity in Roman Britain you see. 6/10

Tea Review

No chef Bradley today as she was still hungover from U2 the night before and G Brad was there to enjoy the ‘Beautiful Day’ but the lads still ate tea ‘With or Without You’ (I’ll stop). Lovely sponge cakes which certainly got Chorley and T Davies excited. 8/10.

Shower Club

As many as seven for showers this week but the lads had to retreat to the ‘back showers’ at Aldridge due to the ‘top pitch’ being used. Decent showers but relatively cosy so the showering Elves had to go in like Noah’s Ark, 2 by 2. No way are you getting 4 underneath each shower head. Decent heat and water flow but never any more than a seven at home. 7/10

Love Island update

Without Fitz, Dan Armstrong or Andy Carrick to tell tales from the island of Love, Tom Davies took one for the team and watched half an hour or so on Wednesday to his utter displeasure. Someone called Theo is a bit of a player and Camilla is certainly the only attractive girl in there being well read and travelled, the rest are oxygen thieves. Toilet telly.

Great British Menu update

No GMB this week but the lads are looking forward to Gail’s great British menu at Rushall next week. * dreams of Olives *

Tales from the Travelator

The flat surface at the Coliseum provides no travelator to run up this week but there was an abundance of sweets and ice lollies expertly provided by Nicka. Even a white chocolate magnum for Chorley who said if it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t have got those two wickets. Superb.


Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
Chuck, I b I Cochran  39
Gorton, A stumped T Cochran 18
Dunn, D b J Cotton 30
Phillpott, G b Bailey 24
Reeves, N c ? b Bailey 4
Hewlitt, R lbw J Cotton  0
Preece, J c ? b Finn  0
Hall, C ct ? b A Cotton 1
Martin, N b A Cotton  15
Davies, T not out  1
Dunn, A b Finn  1
 Extras  17
Walsall Health  150
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Martin, N  5 2 10 0
Dunn, A 8 2 26 0
Davies, T 7 0 36 1
Hall, C 6 1 20 2
 Phillpott, G 6 0 18 1
 Chuck, I 6 0 39 1
Dunn, D 3.1 1 9 2



V Sportsman (02/07/17)


Walsall Health CC 237-7 (40 overs) beat Sportsman CC 103 all out (37.2 overs) by 134 runs

The Elf were at home this week (well, their spiritual home of Rushall…like what Wembley is to Spurs) against the always great bunch of lads from Sportsman CC.

Skipper Hewlitt won the toss and elected to bat first on a track that had already been played on earlier in the day in a lads vs. dad friendly between Aldridge and Rushall youth (Nicka Dunn definitely got out to a 15 year old).

More than one crack on the wicket.

After the lads had swept the wicket and Chuckie had painted the lines, Dave Preece on season debut and Chuck himself strode out to open up for the hosts.
It wasn’t long before Chuck was out, he knicked off and instantly walked of\f eager to not replicate ‘glovegate’ from a few years ago.
Andy Carrick joined Dave out in the middle and the two men put on a solid second wicket stand, seeing off some of the better bowling the away side had to offer. Unfortunately, Andy received a delivery that bounced as much as a bag of cement and was out for 11 hard fought runs.
Sam Stephens joined Dave, who hit ‘Zhish’ for 17 runs in one over to bring up his fifty, to put on another decent partnership for the Elf to see them comfortable at 85-2 at drinks.
After this, the lads dug in and ground out a few runs but unluckily Sam was out for 27 and shortly followed by Gary Fitzpatrick who ‘did not bat’ in the hutch and the Elf started to wobble at 140odd for four.
Up stepped Elf heartthrob Greg Phillpott who in a good partnership with Dave saw the hosts pass 200 and Dave reach his ton with a boundary. A word must be said here for the ex Elf skipper who made batting look easy, when it seriously was not. It was also Dave’s first knock of the season and to reach treble figures was a feat only legends could amass, and amass he did. A final point on this was his highest score for the Elf and in doing so, passed 2000 runs for the club.
Phillpott was out going  for runs, Jonny Preece or ‘Breeze’ managed to nurdle a single on the ‘good batting deck’ before being bowled and then the innings was summed up by Chris Hall who came out with three balls to go and biffed two straight fours down the ground to finish with a strike rate of over 300.

After the scrumptious tea was demolished by all concerned (please see ‘tea review’) the Elf came out to bowl in the late afternoon heat.
The only men not to bat, Nathan Martin and Tom Davies opened up of the Elf and it wasn’t long before Martin got the Sportsman opener to knick off to Fitz for his first of the day.
Martin also picked up his 2nd and the Elf’s second when the other opening bat under edged one to Fitz who was making wicket keeping look easy in the sunshine.
Tom Davies bowled his eight overs off the bat and was finally rewarded for some tidy bowling when Khan was bowled in his final over to get a wicket from his penultimate delivery.

If you think N.Larkin and T.Davies are a formidable opening pair, what about a 1st change pair of C.Hall and S.Stephens? An absolute joy to watch these two bowl today, Chall coming up the travelator in the heat only went for seven runs off his five overs and Sam bowled tight and really fast to skittle through the Sportsman middle over, his five overs going for ten runs and three wickets. The third of these saw potentially the best catch in Elf history by Dave Preece at slip. The batsman drove at one, got an edge and Dave outstretched his right paw and the ball stuck….think A Strauss at Trent Bridge  in the 2005 Ashes to dismiss Gilchrist, it was that good.
With Sportsman six down and not looking likely to chase down the high score of 237, Hewlitt turned to spin in Jonny Preece/Breeze and Chuck who managed to pick up a wicket each and Sportsman were 8 down for 75 runs. With a 150 run victory in sight the Elf wanted to bowl out the opposition for less than 87 but a few lusty sixes from the lower order propelled them over 100, Jonny Preece picking up the ninth wicket after a tough chance was taken by Chuck on the boundary and Greg Phillpott got the final wicket caught by Sam Stephens at mid off.

The Elf marched on to their eighth victory of the season and are back at Aldridge next week to face Oak n Ash, a strong side who they managed to get a victory over earlier in the season.

Drinks review

Drinks this week for the perfect blend of squash and water kept refrigerated in the July sun to keep the lads cool during the break. Cups were also expertly washed by George Fell who definitely earned his keep  with drinks but also becoming the resident sous-chef to G.Brad for the teas. 9/10

Tea review


What a spread. Olives, I mean OLIVES at a cricket tea. Absolutely sensational. Ham & Mustard sandwiches, Cheese & Pickle sandwiches, sausage rolls, pizzas, SAMOASAS…you name it, it was there. The cakes as well are something dreams are made of. Superb spread produced by Gail who slaved away all afternoon BIG HAND/QUADRUPLE DANGLE/……STILL DANGLING. Brilliant. 10/10

Love Island Update

Massive development on the island of love this week. Fitzy admitted his doesn’t like ‘Dom’ ? We discovered Andy Carrick  is hooked and watches every night, Chall discussing someone called Camilla? It’s all kicking off and apparently all members of the island are going back into a house or something? Sounds ‘thrilling’.

Great British update

Chall & Rob both chatted about GBM this week with Andy Carrick mentioning he went to school with Tommy Banks who has made it to the dessert final once or twice? No idea. He used to run a ‘posh pub’ up north and charged an outrageous twelve quid for fish and chips. We never want him to do the tea by the way, we’ve got Gail.

Tails from the travelator

Nath and Chall both fancied the task of running up the travelator (the far end at Rushall is similar to the final task on 90s TV sensation ‘Gladiators’ as it’s that steep) no Kris Ali for the Sportsman to get the monkey out of hibernation, 11 overs from the fellas going for 40 with two wickets falling. They would definitely be going on the ‘first whistle’ if this were the live show.


Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
Chuck, I ct Mally b Gam  4
Preece, D not out 124
Carrick, A b Saqib 11
Stephens, S c Amar b Saqid 27
Fitzpatrick, G c Mally b Farhad 0
 Phillpott, G b Gam 16
 Hewlitt, R lbw b Gam  0
Preece, J b Gam  1
Hall, C not out 8
Martin, N dnb
Davies, T dnb
 Extras  31
Walsall Health  237
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Martin, N 6 1 33 2
Davies, T 8 3 14 1
 Hall, C 5 2 7 0
Stephens, S 5 1 10 3
Chuck, I 5 0 13 1
Breeze, J 2 1 5 1
Phillpott, G 1.2 0 9 1


V Old Doms (25/06/17)


Walsall Healthc CC 228-5 (40 overs) beat. Old Doms CC 152 All Out (38.3 overs) by 76 runs

The Elf were away this week making the relatively short trip down the M5 to Bromsgrove cricket club to face Old Doms.

The Elf were surprisingly asked to bat by the home side who had two players, apparently doctors arriving at 4.30 which seemed bizarre having a 1pm start, something the Elf lads relished.

Andy Gorton and Ian Chuck opened up for the Elf, Gort fresh from his 49 not out from last week was unfortunately triggered by JP for two and was the first man back in the hutch.
Gary Fitzpatrick was in at three, another man who scored runs the previous Sunday was out sooner than he’d like when he spooned a catch to leg slip and the Elf were 27-2.
In came, the man the myth…the legend on his 2017 debut Rich ‘Trig’ Fell and he acted as if he’d never been away. Smashed his first scoring stroke to the boundary and produced a fine partnership with Chuckie, both men 35 not out at drinks to build a solid platform for the Elf.
Chuck made his way past the half century mark but Trig unfortunately chipped  a catch to a man on the rope and was gone three short of what would have been an excellent return to Elf colours.

The middle order of Rob Hewlitt and Greg Phillpott added 10 between them to the total before Nathan Martin joined Chuck at the crease in the 31st over with the game delicately poised on 169-5.
However, the man from Friar Park produced an excellent partnership with Chuck to see the Elf post 228 from their allotted overs, Martin finishing 15 not out.
A word must be said here for Chuck who brought his ton up in the last over in a flurry of boundaries. The man from South Africa now owns the record for most tons made for the Elf – five! BIG HAND.

With the well prepared tea demolished, the Elf set about the defence of their total in the late afternoon sun.
Dan ‘two plates’ Armstrong and Nath Martin opened up for the Elf and limited the home side to minimal scoring options but neither man could break through in their opening spells.
The first wicket came after an excellent fielding change by skipper Hewlitt, saw Gary Fitzpatrick swoop on the ball at mid-on and run out the opening bat who was well out of his ground for a direct hit.
Hall & Davies came on at 1st change and did what they do best, take wickets. Hall picking up the number 3 batsman after Rich Fell took a top drawer catch running in at mid-on to grab Chorley his first of the day.
Tom Davies picked up the third wicket with a stereotypical LBW appeal and it was LOUD. Davies was backpeddling with both arms aloft screaming ‘HOWZAT?’ at the umpire who eventually was scared into raising the finger in fear of what Davies might do if he shook his head.

Greg Phillpott and Jonny Preece came on at a time when the Doms had to go for it and got a bit of tap but not before JP got the number five batsman stumped by Gort with the score edging towards the 70s.
With the score past 100 after a good fifth wicket partnership and the Doms giving themselves an outside sniff of a win, Rob Hewlitt produced the run out of the season. A mix up between the batsman saw Hewlitt swoop on the ball at mid wicket and fire a direct hit straight at the stumps at the bowler’s end, top fielding.

With the Old Doms’ opener looking unflustered and eventually making his way past 50, the other end could not keep up their end of the bargain with Dan Armstrong and Nath Martin picking up a wicket each, both bowled.
Davies and Hall returned to complete full Janitor roles of mopping up at the end by getting the eighth, ninth and tenth wickets between them. Chall finishing with 3 for and Davies with a two for.

The Elf are in seriously good knick so this season having only been bowled out once so far this campaign they are really in good form going into facing always competitive Sportsman CC next week at Rushall.

Drinks review

Drinks this week were in unwashed small plastic cups with warm squash. Village. 3/10.

Tea review

As average as the drinks were, the teas certainly were not. An array of sandwiches and savouries especially the Brie & Pickle numbers going down particularly well. The only thing that stopped a 10 was the rice had no cutlery so the lads had to go back to pre-historic times and eat with their hands. 9/10.

Love Island Update

Usual watchers Fitzy and Dan gave an update: apparently Jess has been voted out and pied a fella off by sleeping with someone else an hour after she left? Doesn’t sound like the girl you want to bring home to your mama. Chall has also admitted he ‘caught a bit of it’ translated – ‘I watched an episode and am hooked’

9 out of 10 for the showers.

Shower Club.

Well, after the lads made it up to the main clubhouse they were not disappointed by the showering facilities.
Four showers with more than adequate space between them, each shower head on a wall fixture so each showering Elf could take off and rinse in peace. Every shower had its own temperature gauge too. Sublime.
There was even some excellent shower gels on offer and some conditioner passed around by Gary Fitzpatrick. Bliss. 9/10.


Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
Gorton, A  lbw b Bhanji  2
Chuck, I not out  116
Fitzpatrick, G c Morris b Bhanji 6
Fell, R c Laught b Amir 47
Hewlitt, R b Amir 7
 Phillpott, G b Brass 3
Martin, N not out 15
Hall, C dnb
Davies, T dnb
Preece, J dnb
Armstrong, D dnb
 Extras  32
Walsall Health  228
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Martin, N 8 2 22 1
 Armstrong, D 8 2 26 1
 Hall, C 7.3 0 22 3
 Davies, T 8 2 16 2
 Phillpott, G 4 0 30 0
  Preece, J 3 0 24 1



V Beaumont (18/06/17)


Walsall Health 111-3 (28.1 overs) beat Beaumont CC 109-9 (40 overs) by 7 wickets.


Loss? What loss?

The Elf were back at Aldridge this week and back on the ‘top pitch’. No such excuses this week of a weakened line up or sore fast bowlers moaning about ‘travelators’ just a professional performance against the always friendly lads from Beaumont.

The Elf were more or less at full 2017 strength but skipper Hewlitt (who arrived in a shirt and tie presumably reminiscing about uni days) lost the toss once again the Elf were asked to field in sweltering summer conditions.

It didn’t take ‘Social Media Manager’ Nathan Martin long to get his first wicket.  Bowling his left arm swingers the Beaumont opening bat’s bails were sent flying in the Elf paceman’s first over.
Greg Phillpott picked up the second wicket when the opposition went for a quick single but the 2016 fielder of the year showed why he is the current owner of that trophy and swooped on the ball, fired in a superb throw and Gort did the rest, 12-2.

Usual tandem 1st change bowling partnership Tom Davies and Chris Hall came on and turned the screw with some accurate bowling, Davies picking up the dangerous looking number three batsman when Nath Martin took a fantastic reaction catch at short extra cover.
Gary Fitzpatrick then showed that anything Greg could do, he could do better when he ran out Dan Grainger before the score had reached 40.
Tom Davies, in his fifth over picked up the Beaumont Skipper ‘Jake’, after he feathered one behind to Gort and the Elf were half way there (Livin’ on a Prayer).
Nathan Martin took a similar catch to the one that got Davies his 1st wicket for his third to see Beaumont slump to 61-6 just after the half way mark.

A good partnership developed between Ross & Krishnan before Kolpak player (and hairiest chest at the Elf) Ian Chuck came on and bowled Ross in his second over.
This paved the way for some mystery spin at both ends when Greg Phillpott with his right arm leggies and sherriff of Dottingham ‘JP’ Jonny Preece with his left arm leggies picked up a wicket each to limit the final scoring from Beaumont.
A nasty injury on the last ball of the innings saw the Beaumont number 11 pull his calf going for a quick single and the Elf doing the sporting thing and not running him out but helping him off the field instead.
Once the teas were deavoured in the blazing heat, the hosts set about their run chase.
Things were looking perilous when Greg Phillpott triggered Chuck for 5 (Chuck obviously walked off smiling and 100% accepted the umpire’s call) and then Alex Nunns got out for a quack and the Elf were 17-2.
Gary Fitzpatrick entered the fray, fresh from an in-depth discussion at tea with Dan Armstrong about all things ‘Love Island’ despite ‘not knowing a lot about it’ and really settled the early nerves with an excellent 60 run partnership with the ever solid Gort at the other end.
Both men really contributed with the bat, Fitz hitting 29 before being bowled by Khrishnan.
Rob Hewlitt was in at 5 and he and Gort steered the Elf home with plenty of balls to spare, the skipper finishing with a quick fire 14 and Gort the unfortunate man to be left 49 not out in a chase of 110 but it really was a steady knock from the Elf legend on Father’s Day showing son-in-law Al how it’s done.

A strong performance from the Elf after losing their first game of the season last week but they responded in the only way they know how – victory.

Drinks update

As many as four drinks breaks in the blazing summer sun, all provided and expertly poured by two jugs Rach. 9/10

Tea review

The always wholesome Aldridge tea was back again today although not many lads went for the cuppa that was on offer, surely it should have been jugs of lager? 8/10.

Shower club update

More lads in the showers this week then there was out of them, the only black marks would be Nath Martin showering before the game was over #village and Gary Fitzpatrick forgetting his towel and having to borrow one #seriouslyvillage

The lads head to Old Doms next week for what could be a tough fixture.


Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
 Gorton, A  not out  49
 Chuck, I lbw Johnson 5
 Nunns, A ct b Johnson 0
Fitzpatrick, G b Ash 29
 Hewlitt, R not out 14
 Phillpott, G dnb
 Hall, C dnb
Armstrong, D dnb
Davies, T dnb
Preece, J dnb
Martin, N dnb
 Extras  14
Walsall Health  111
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Martin, N  6 0 9 1
 Armstrong, D 6 0 20 0
 Hall, C 8 1 29 0
 Davies, T 8 1 18 3
 Phillpott, G 6 0 18 1
 Chuck, I 2 1 5 1
 Preece, J 4 2 7 1



V Lichfield Nomads (11/06/17)


Walsall Health 88 All Out (30.1 overs) lost to Lichfield Nomads 139-8 (40 overs) by 51 runs

The Elf played at their second home this week, at Rushall against annual opponents and great lads Lichfield Nomads.

Rob Hewlitt came second in the toss and was asked to bowl first. Two members of the Rushall ‘youth’ (not a football firm) Dan Armstrong and Dan Dunn bowled the first 12 overs exceptionally well, both picking up a wicket a piece and restricted the visitors to 27 runs.
Usual first change bowlers Tom Davies and Chris Hall came on and Davies got a dolly of a caught and bowled in his first over to keep the pressure applied.
Davies picked up another wicket and by the time the two seasoned campaigners came off in the 24th over the Elf had Nomads 49-4, then, the wheels came off.
JP, the ‘sheriff of Dottingham’ got a bit of tap from the best batsmen the opposition brought with them ‘Hutton’ who managed to get himself a 50 with a couple of big sixes to boot.
In amongst that, Rushall regular Nick Denant kindly helped out with 6 overs of right arm medium, Denant picked up two wickets for 23 runs in a good debut effort.
Davies and Hall came back on with Davies getting Hutton and a lower order batsman to finish his eight overs 4-19 although it was not enough to restrict Nomads to a chaseable total, their 139 looked a little out of reach.

After the lads devoured a fine tea put on by Rach, Gail and Mrs Gort (seriously, it was good) Alex Nunns and Gary Fitzpatrick opened the innings and really set the tone in the wrong way by scoring eighteen between them, Fitz getting out to a top catch at short fine leg. Nick Denant scored eight on debut but Rob Hewlitt, Nath Reeves and Euan Neale managed 3 between them in the middle order leaving the bowlers exposed after the score had barely reached thirty.
Chris Hall smashed a boundary before leaving a straight one (a la Simon Jones to Michael Clarke in the 2005 Ashes) and the Elf were staring down the barrel and 37-7.
Tom Davies came out and batted like a Theresa May lead election campaign, a shambles, and was out for his first quack in Elf colours.
The bright spark of the afternoon then happened in a top partnership between Dan Armstrong and Dan Dunn who put on 35 for the ninth wicket until Armstrong unluckily played on for 9. JP came out and got another red inker before Dan Dunn nicked off for 32 very well made runs.

The first loss the Elf have suffered in nine games which is something not to be sniffed at but the boys were certainly not very upbeat in the bar after.
They were all certainly looking forward to nets commencing this Thursday to get some extra practice before Beaumont visit Aldridge next week.

Drinks review

Drinks this week were made (and brought out I hasten to add) by Nunns junior and Nunns junior junior to keep the lads refreshed in the early summer wind.

Tea review

Teas this week were certainly of the higher class. A top effort from Rach, Gail and Mrs Gort. An abundance of sandwiches on white and brown bread, chicken nuggets, pizzas, quiches, scotch eggs, the lot! Essentially, it was a bostin tea finished off with an exceedingly good Victoria sponge.

Shower club update

Along with not batting, Tom Davies committed the most village of errors by forgetting his towel and wash bag which certainly ruined his mood after getting a quack. On past experience the showers at Rushall are usually warm but cosy at the same time, something the lads would never usually moan about.

Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
Nunns, A  c Westwood b Moss 5
Fitzpatrick, G c Moss b Hutton 13
Dennant, N lbw b Hutton 8
Hewlitt, R c Rolph b Westwood 1
Reeves, N b Westwood 2
Neale, E b Westwood 0
Dunn, D c Ralph b Brannigan  32
Hall, C b Hutton 4
Davies, T c Westwood b Brannigan (dnb) 0
Armstrong, D b Fearon 9
Preece, J not out 2
 Extras  10
Walsall Health  86
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
 Armstrong, D  8 2 19 1
Dunn, D 6 1 14 1
Davies, T 8 1 19 4
Hall, C 8 3 22 0
Preece, J 4 0 38 0
 Dennant 6 1 23 2