WHCC Records: Overall


Most runs (see full list): Andy Gorton (6,035)

Most wickets (see full list): Chris Hall (400)

Highest individual score: Stuart Pollitt (144*)

Fastest century: Dan Armstrong (100 off 85 balls)

Highest end of season batting average: (88.00) David Preece

Lowest end of season bowling average: John Nicholls (5.6)

Highest total runs in a season: Ian Chuck (1,023)

Most hundreds in a season: Dan Armstrong (3)

Best individual bowling figures: Gary Reeves (12.4overs, 6 maidens, 8-22)

Most wickets taken in one season: Chris Hall (47)

Most 5-fors taken in one season: Chris Hall (4)

Hat-Tricks….John Nicholls (2007)  Nathan Martin (2019)  Will Lauchlan (2022) 

Most catches in one season: Gary Reeves (20).

Most 50’s: A.Gorton (33)   Most 100’s: I.Chuck (8) D.Armstrong (5)  S.Pollitt: (4)  D.Preece: (4)

Most Career 5 Fors: Chris Hall (9)  Ian Forrester (12)

Player of the Year Winners (Award began 2009)

2009. A.Gorton   2010.S.Stephens    2011.S.Stephens    2012.D.Stephens    2013.J.Preece

2014.I.Chuck    2015.R.Hewlitt    2016.I.Chuck    2017. I.Chuck   2018D.Armstrong

2019. D.Dunn    2020 J.Preece      2021 D.Dunn

Most not out’s: Tim Oliver (78)  Chris Hall (60) Frank Jacob (53)

Most DNB’s:  John Nicholls (148)  Frank Jacob (114)  Chris Hall (109)

Most economical 8 over spell. (40 Overs era) Chris Hall 8 overs 7 mdns 1-0

Most expensive 8 over spell. (40 Overs era) Frank Jacob 8 overs 0 mdns 0-84

WHCC Highest Team Score….276-1 v Ward End Unity 1996

WHCC Lowest Team Score….46 All Out v Solihull Municipal 2013

Highest Opposition Score….350-5 (Sportsman CC 2017)

Lowest Opposition Score….21 All Out (Stirling 2001)

WHCC Highest Margin Win….155 Runs v Lapworth 2014

WHCC Heaviest Defeat…..244 runs v Sportsman 2017

Highest Individual Opposition Score….200 not out (J.Evans O.M.F.)

Most Team Ducks in a Season…24 (2006)

Most Ducks in a Season….7 (Rick Jarrams 2002)

Most Consecutive Ducks…..5 (Rick Jarrams 2002)

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