WHCC Records: Overall


Most runs (see full list): Andy Gorton (5,466)

Most wickets (see full list): Tim Oliver (387)

Highest individual score: Stuart Pollitt (144*)

Fastest century: Sam Stephens (109 off 91)

Highest end of season batting average: Dave Preece (88.00)

Highest total runs in a season: Ian Chuck (1,023)

Best individual bowling figures: Gary Reeves (12.4overs, 6 maidens, 8-22)

Most wickets taken in one season: Chris Hall (47)

Most catches in one season: Gary Reeves (20).

Most 50’s: A.Gorton (32)   Most 100’s: I.Chuck (7)  S.Pollitt: (4)  D.Preece: (4)

Most 5 Fors: Chris Hall (8)  Ian Forrester (8)

Player of the Year Winners (Award began 2009)

2009. A.Gorton   2010.S.Stephens    2011.S.Stephens    2012.D.Stephens    2013.J.Preece  2014.I.Chuck    2015.R.Hewlitt    2016.I.Chuck    2017. I.Chuck

Most not out’s: Tim Oliver (78)  Chris Hall (55) Frank Jacob (53)

Most DNB’s:  John Nicholls (133)  Frank Jacob (114)  Chris Hall (101)


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