Rick Jarrams


Name Rick Jarrams
Nicknames  Teapot, Dr Rick, Richter.
Debut  1987.   Appearances 304
Football West Bromwich Albion
Fascinating fact Has played over 300 games for the club.

Rick is a true legend of the club, being one of only 2 players to have played over 300 games. A regular on the field throughout the 1990’s and right up to 2012, Rick was also a collossus off the field, organising fixtures,  making sure we had 11 players every week, planning the annual p.u. and yearly tours.

Rick has given so much of his time, to make sure the club runs smoothly, and is now deservedly the WHCC Chairman. Rick also holds the record for most catches taken (109) and has been a former batsman of the year, accumulating over 2,500 runs with his famous attacking style of strokeplay.

Rick is a record 8 time winner of our Clubman of the Year award. A true reflection on the many hours that Rick has dedicated to WHCC.

Runs…2,605   Highest Score…63

Wickets…12   Best Bowling…3-17

Catches 109 (Club Record)

Awards… Batsman of the Year 2001

Clubman of the Year….1993  1995  1996  1997  1998  2002  2004  2005


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