Ian Chuck



Name Ian Chuck
Nicknames iChuck, Chucky, Chuckmeister
Debut 2012.   Appearances 109
Football West Ham United
Fascinating fact Can speak fluent Afrikaans.
Best figures 5-15 and 129*    Runs 4,260   Wkts 93 Catches 30

Walsall Health’s Kolpak signing and the inventor of the patented Sudoku Delivery™, Chuck is one element of the Walsall Health demon spin squadron, as well as being a very, very handy bat, being one of only a handful of players to boast both a 100 and 5-for.

After making his debut in 2012, Chuck became a regular fixture in the later part of the 2013 campaign and during the 2014 campaign really hit his straps. In 2016, Chuck broke the record for most runs in a season, which had stood since 1989.

The 2017 season continued to see Chuck set more records with his 4th and 5th hundreds for the club, passing the 2,000 run mark in the fastest time at an average of over 50. As the 2017 season came to an end, Chuck needed 55 runs in the final game against Lapworth, to complete the monumental feat of 1000 runs in a season, holding his nerve, he achieved the milestone. Posting an astonishing final tally of 1,023. A record many believe will be almost impossible to beat.

Chucky has recently moved beyond the 4,000 run milestone, still at an average that excedes 50, and is closing in on 100 wkts.

Awards…Batsman of the year, 2015  2016  2017  2018  2021

Player of the Year… 2014  2016 2017

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