Richard Fell


Name Rich Fell
Nicknames Felly, Trig, Six Times
Debut 1997
Football Aston Villa
Fascinating fact
Best figures 6-18 and 62

Since making his debut in 1997, Rich has been an ever present member of the club. Son of founder member Steve Fell, Rich was elected Captain in 2008,  proving himself to be an extremely astute tactical Captain. Often making decisions in the field that would change the course of a game.

His Captaincy years were at a time when the Club was struggling for players, but every week he somehow managed to get 11 players onto the pitch. Without his dedication, the club may not have survived. Despite these challenging times, his first seven games as Captain were all victories, while in 2008 the team remained unbeaten until the first week in  September…(another club record)

Individually, Rich has completed the 50/5 for double, has been Fielder of the Year six times, A Clubman of the year, and is less than 100 runs away from joining a select group of players to have scored 2000 runs, he has also taken 84 catches, and is well known for having a very safe pair of hands in the field. In 2016, he completed his 200th game for the club against Sportsman CC.


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