John Nicholls


Name John Nicholls
Nicknames Jonty, La La, Bucket hands.
Debut 1892
Football West Bromwich Albion
Fascinating fact Has the biggest human hands ever in history, as certified by Norris McWhirter and the Guinness Book of Records.
Best figures 5-7 and 65

WHCC Jonty 250A bona fide Walsall Health legend and pioneer of the La La delivery which has been the ruin of many a poor unsuspecting batsman.

Etched into the history books of The Elf with his prowess in the field, with the bat (where his French cricket style of batting has won plaudits from Walsall to Willenhall) and with the ball (taking his 250th wicket against Highwood Park in September 2014).

See Tales from the Cricket Bag in which our hero features regularly….

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