The Brian Stuart Memorial Award


The Brian Stuart Memorial Award is an annual award presented at the Walsall Health Cricket Club PU.

Brian was one of those guys that no matter what you achieved he’d already done it and done it better. If you said you’d had a great game of football Sunday, 3-0 down with ten minutes to go and had came off the bench, scored four to give us victory, he’d inevitably have come on with five minutes to play, four nil down and scored five!

In the early days of the club, most of the players came from the hospital or the Health Authority HQ and one evening we arranged a match between the two.

Said Brian Stuart was persuaded to display his talents. The teams took the field, the hospital fielding, and we noticed we were one short. “Where’s Brian?”, someone asked. It turned out he’d managed to get himself locked in the dressing room and the park-keeper had departed with the keys. Hence the on-going awarding of the Brian Stuart Memorial Award for gross stupidity/incompetence during the season, an award that is generally fiercely contested.

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