Tim Oliver


Name Tim Oliver
Nicknames Timmy O
Debut 1987.  Appearances 323 (Club Record)
Football Wrexham FC
Fascinating fact Simply our finest player with bat and ball
Best figures 5-1 and 100    Runs 5,457   Wkts 387   Catches 76

A bona-fide club legend whose passing in May 2014 was a sad loss to cricket and politics.

Tim, will be remembered as a fiery, committed and supremely talented batsman and bowler whose trademark ‘square-jaw’ look at crucial stages during games served as an inspiration to his team mates and a warning sign to the opposition about what was likely to happen in the near future.

A multiple record holder for The Elf, Tim started playing for the club in the late 80s along with a number of colleagues from his other team Walsall Phoenix who joined the mid-week side. He would soon take over as skipper the Sunday side, replacing Martin Liggins. After handing over the captaincy to Rich Fell, Tim continued playing until 2012.

Tim is one of only 2 players in club history to complete the double award of Batsman and Bowler of the Year.

Tim’s intense manner on the cricket field regularly gave way to a beaming smile which never failed to be disarming, especially when accompanied by a friendly slap on the shoulder for newer players to the fold, which was always a reassuring and welcome gesture. He rarely lost his temper with team-mates, unless they’d given him out.

He was also famous for his quiet walks around the boundary alone or accompanied by team-mates where deep and meaningful conversations were to be had.

Tim was held in high regard with everybody who played with him – and with a good many of the opposition who appreciated his never-say-die and combative attitude. He was a tremendous fighter and had no idea what was a lost cause.

This was most obvious when he was involved in a horrific car accident some years ago which left him with multiple injuries which many believed he would struggle to walk again, let alone play cricket. But his sheer determination saw him return to the field and, although he might have lost a yard of pace from his bowling and was a little slower in the field, he was still probably the best player in the team. It speaks volumes for Tim’s impact on the club, that since his passing in 2014, current players are still striving to break the records he set, throughout a fantastic career


Batsman of the Year  2003  2005  2006  2008  2011

Bowler of the Year  1992  1995  1998  2008  2011

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