V Peopleton CC (10/05/15)


10th MAY 2015

WHCC v Peopleton CC

Walsall Health lost to Peopleton CC by 49 runs

The ‘Elf’ travelled to Peopleton based in the holy lands of cricket – Worcestershire.

Dai to the rescue.

Welsh Wonder Dai Preece steps in to save the day.

It was a late call from Fitz who had pulled a Fetlock in conspicuous Sunday AM activities, so the mighty Dai Preece stepped up to make the XI complete.

So we followed the skipper into the middle with some short boundaries and a thick cut outfield. Sam and Dave Stephens opened the bowling. DS with another solid shift tying up an end and keeping the score board low; while the super charged Sam claimed three wickets and took 2 caught and bowled chances. One which was like getting through for a touch down in the red zone rather than a cricket match.

Richard Fell standing in for the physical wreck Andy Gorton… After deciding to list his injuries it was determined just to say the eyelashes on his left eye and his right ear lobe are injury free…

It was the introduction of the ‘King of Spain’ the undisputed Welsh Wizard JP who took charge with a wicket first ball! A 3 wicket super spell saw an extensive selection of bamboozling balls beating batsmen beautifully! A caught and bowled being the highlight. However, great concern that we could lose the star man while retrieving the ball from a neighbouring field containing a couple of sheep, but being a true team player, his teammates came before a potential hot date.

Dai running from one side of the field to the other between overs was a sign that Preece Snr is still active in many ways! He covered that much distance at one point Stuart Slater thought he might need to sponsor him. Added to this were some excellent stops on the boundary.

Matt Wright took one wicket in a 6 over spell. Thanks to Rob Hewlett catching a rocketing drive with lightening fast reactions.
Rob added to the catch with two wickets of his own mopping up the tail.

Slater turned over the Malinga style arm surely to be developed into a dangerous bowling weapon.

This was after Iron Man Chris Hall playing his first game of the season opened his account with 2 wickets. One of which was Peopleton’s star man who was just 7 runs short of his century. Great to have the PSB back in action!

Strong words from the skipper were required to keep us focused to the end of our time in the field. ‘Anonymous’ quipped, Dave had finally found a use for his redundant hair dryer.

Chasing 197 after a very mediocre tea, the batsman set about our reply. The Gort smashing 45 and sending one of the opposition to hospital with split webbing, while the skipper managed 27 gallon victim to some erratic bowling. A couple fully tossed over his head followed by a screaming Yorker!

Sam Stephens with 17 added to the early total, but then a collapse ensued. Only Richard Fell with 19 off 34 balls and Not Out stemmed the flow. this was a superbly stubborn effort from the former skipper who just refused to be beaten.

Slater, D Stephens and J Preece chalking up positives for the duck trophy award.

Chris Hall unlucky not to build on a good start while Matt Wright batting at 9 did well against their premium bowler.

A little highlight in defeat was Dai hitting a 4.

So, the Invincibles’ dream is over for this season, but the Golden Generation remain strong onwards and upwards to next week.


Batting Runs
Gorton, A b Deeprose 45
Preece, D b Rigby 27
Stephens, S c b Thompson  17
Hewlitt, R b Deeprose 1
Fell, R not out 19
Slater, S st 0
Hall, C c b Thompson 6
Stephens, D c b Mason 0
Wright, M c b Mason 4
Preece, J b Billington 0
Preece, Di b Billington 4


Walsall Health




Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Stephens, S





Stephens, D





Preece, J





Wright, M





Slater, S





Hall, C





Hewlitt, R ? 0 2 1

Disappointingly…Some arrogance and snide comments from the opposition left a bitter taste in the mouth when were gracious enough to field for them after they lost a player.Fines was one of the funniest for some time. Elloner Rigby, Sheep Bothering, Wrestling and the first ever mid session toilet break!


JP with three wickets and the most economical of the bowlers who had the full compliment of 8 overs.


Andy Gorton just shy of his 50
Rich fell a close second for his pure determination.


Dave Preece led by example and gave us a kick up the arse when we flagged.

The great man played and stepped up to bail us out. Rolling back the years and just brilliant. A Class act.

With a week off work Rachel wearing a rather nice scarf and big sunglasses set about demolishing two bottles of wine.
Yet still had the good grace to assist with refreshments where the opposition fell short.


Written by Mathew Wright

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