v Lapworth (H) 04/09/22


The English Weather ruins play

Date: 4th August 2022

Venue: Carter park

Walsall Health hosted Lapworth for their final home match of the season. On a cloudy day with the forecast predicting showers later on, captain Dan Dunn won the toss and elected to bat. With the opposition only having 8 a massive hand must be raised to JP and Rich Fell who gallantly offered to help our opposition by fielding until the rest of their team turned up. It was commented by the openers of Stenson and Chuck loudly there would be no quick singles on their arms.

Anyhow, the innings started off poorly for WHCC as Jack Stenson edged his second ball which dollied up to Choudry who caught it one handed at slip. Welcome to the duck club Jack!

In came Captain Dunn who set about punishing bad balls with some excellent cut shots, this coincidently would take the ‘Club Pro’ past 1000 runs for the elf. Congratulations to D Dunn and we look forward to more milestones being reached.

Meanwhile, at the other end I Chuck, fresh from his recent holiday in the savannah, started off in his usual scratchy method, nicking two past slip and keeper as well as gloving one past the keeper, His wagon wheel was once again a lovely example of how to score runs behind square. It was then that the pitch claimed its first wicket of the match, a good length ball that nipped back and kept low struck Dan Dunn in front of the wickets, he did not even look up to be given out before walking back to the hutch with the score at 44-2. In came A Gorton at 4 who, survived 3 excellent Yorkers first up, then set about with Chuck to build an innings.

It was at this time that Chuck decided to start playing some aggressive shots much to the shock of the opposition and his own team. Even the weather seemed dismayed at this new aggression as it started to drizzle on and off, perhaps a sign that this aggressive mode of Chucks might be a bridge too far. Chuck reached his 50 when Choudry made a cunning bowling change. On came veteran T Fell, who bowled with cunning and guile and was rewarded with his first wicket of Chuck (54) when he tried to sweep a straight ball with WHCC on 91-3.

J Lester came to the crease and worked with A Gorton to progress the score along past 100 before he fell to F Choudry for 9. Next to bat was WHCC debutant Paul Bickerton. Paul had confessed to not holding a cricket bat for many years but he soon was rewarded when he hit the tight bowling of T Fell for a 4 for his first runs for the club. Sadly, his innings was not to last long as he had a big swipe at another ball from Fell only to lose his balance and be stumped for 4. Welcome to the club Paul, we hope to see more runs from you in the future. Next to the crease was Mac Perager who supported Gorton and rotated the strike well. With the clouds looming ever closer and the drinks being taken, T Fell was keen to complete his quotient of overs, some tight bowling and an inside edge saw the end of A Gorton for 30 and the elf on 133-6. Regrettably, this also saw the end of play as then the heavens opened and not even the covers could stop the outfield becoming flooded. During the rain break, both teams tucked into their packed lunches (and MacDonald’s) and some enjoyed a brew while watching the Brighton vs Leicester football match.

At about 4pm D Dunn looked out the window at the sodden ground with a flooded outfield and declared “No!” and that was that. No more cricket was played and the match was rained off.

Big hand to Mac who brought some another exemplary box of Samosas and Pakoras which were ravenously devoured by all those who remained and envied by those who did not. The elf travel to Springhill for the final match of this exciting 2022 season…If this season is anything to go on this last match might be one you would not want to miss!

By Ian Chuck     


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