The Race for the Duck Trophy: update


There’s been some chatter amongst The Elf rank and file about the current situation regarding the prestigious Duck Trophy which has been a permanent fixture on the mantlepiece of Mat Danks for the last two years.

There have even been some borderline libellous suggestions that Rob Hewlitt was in the vanguard in the race for the 2014 title. After a little bit of number crunching, the true standings with only a handful of games to go can be revealed.

As things stand, Nathan Martin is hot favourite to mark his dayboo season with the most prestigious piece of plasticware at the club but Jonathan Preece, Dave Stephens and Rob Hewlitt are breathing down his neck after the game on Sunday, albeit in the case of DS and Rob with large numbers of innings to balance out their ducks which (unless there is major duckage before the season end) should save them.

Sure there will be disputing of the figures and cries of ‘what’s my average’ (as if the ego types don’t already know), but these are the stats as they stand but, as they say…. it’s all to play for!

Name Ducks Innings Quack rate
Martin, Nathan 3 6 50%
Preece, Jonathan 2 3 66.6%
Stephens, Dave 2 8 25%
Hewlitt, Rob 2 9 22%
Slater, Stuart 1 5 20%
Preece, Dave 1 7 14%
Danks, Mat 1 8 12.5%

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