V Old West Heathens @ Hopwood (05/07/15)



5th July 2015

WHCC v Old West Heathians
@ Hopwood

Walsall Health Lost to Old West Heathians by 49 Runs

After the heat wave earlier in the week. It was a match that was weather effected and ultimately the difference between the two teams.

The outfield was like Glass as The Elf took to the field against league standard opposition one man short as Stuart Slater was recreating a scene from Boogie Night holding up his arrival.

Nathan Martin and Tom Davies opened and there were a few early chances. But anything hit raced away to the boundaries. TD was unlucky not to claim an LBW and also a looping ball that spooned in between Wright & Hewlitt meant that a moments hesitation lost the catching chance.

Catch of the day had to be the skipper under a high one going ‘mine mine mine mine’ like the seagulls out of ‘Finding Nemo’!

Chuck tied down an end only going for 14 runs off 8 overs and Wright with 16 off 4 demonstrated that in the context of the game taking the pace off may have been key.

Although taking this usual few catches the 6for man last week could not recreate his form this week. Wickets were taken by the Preece Brothers but this was interspersed by some lusty boundary blows. Gaz bowling full flight until realising his hat was on.

This week saw the season debut of living legend and all round nice guy Shane O’Callaghan who was a welcome addition to the team. Nathan Reeves was all action and very nearly in the right place at the right time with some catching attempts.

Slates after his arrival demonstrated that it’s all about the left foot even in a game of cricket. It took a few overs for The Healths Heart Throb to warm up into the pace of the game.

Super Andy Gorton flies through the air with greatest of ease, always stopping byes and boundaries with dynamic dives and today he went full stretch ‘Air Gorton’ to his left.  ‪#‎Wow‬

The heavens opened up. Early tea and a 37 over game. 218 was the chase.

Chuck and Gort set off and batted well both into the high 30s to get the platform for the chase. The Preece brothers running between the wickets was of epic proportions. Before Dave ran out Gaz who had already gone past the half tonne mark!

The problem was that the outfield had slowed greatly after the pre tea down pour and The Elf had to work hard for their Runs.

No ducks today and everyone contributed to the chase. Matt Wright got his first ever boundary. Rob Hewlitt, Nathan Reeves and Shane O’Callaghan, all weighed in with a few runs and our opening Bowlers Tom and Nathan Martin also ended the game in bat together.

After last weeks great opponents, it was a bump back to reality. A little bit coarse crass and in ours and each other’s faces. Some good guys, but more Sunday league football thugs than the Gentlemen of a cricket field.

Like Kevin Keegan, I would have LOVED IT if we had beaten them and on another day with the run of the green they were no better than us and we would do it!

Batting Runs
Gorton, A c b Talbot


Chuck, I lwb b Heath


Preece, G b Winstanly  52
Preece, D run out 55
Hewlitt, R c  b Winstanly  16
Reeves, N b Winstanly  9
O’Callaghan, S c b Stock  2
Slater, S b Winstanly, P 1
Wright, M run out 5
Martin, N not out 2
Davies, T not out 0


Walsall Health


Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Martin, N





Davies, T





Chuck, I





Preece, G





Wright, M





Wright, M





Preece, D 4 0 37 2
Hewlitt, R 3 0 28 0


Tom umpired with distinction. And casually dismissed petulance and antagonistic antics.
One more word and Matt Wright umpiring at square leg may have produced his smack down WWE elbow pads, yet to be seen on a cricket pitch.

The Ice Man stalked the boundary and chatted to those perimeter of the pitch fielding. Conversational gems include the great AP McCoy and Cryo Therapy Chambers!

Hottest showers ever.

We didn’t vote. However as its his last game for this trip and he’s done great while he’s been back I am giving it to Gareth Preece.

Meaner than a mean thing that’s mean with giving runs away, it has to be Ian Chuck

Gareth Preece like the Fresh Prince said….
‘Tick tick BOOM’. An explosive knock.

It was a tough afternoon out in the field and Rob Hewlitt looked just to nick the accolade this week for his fine efforts.

Walsall Health’s International Lady of Leisure set up camp in the viewing area, still reading her paper back filth. Allied to some summer berries and shortbread. Breaks due to heavy showers meant the everyone’s hero Ice Man Chris Hall soon scooped up her things and ushered her to dryness.

It was like a Welsh edition of the Cosby show. And not just because of the 1980s sweater the Great Man was wearing. With all 6 of the Preece family in attendance it was a full house and Preece-tastic. However, JP should have gone and umpired his brothers.

Written by Matthew Wright

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