V Highwood Park @ Rushall (12/07/15)



12th July 2015

WHCC v Highwood Park
@ Rushall

Walsall Health beat Highwood Park by 3 runs.

After recently beating them on their home patch at Himley. The Neutral venue of Rushall saw is take on Highwood Park.

The Elf took to the field with regular opening Pair of Gorton and Chuck. And after making 8, the ball was juggled on the boundary as the fielder fell backwards hit his chest and he caught it!

The skipper went out to join Chuck leaving Matt Wright unsupervised with score book making his debut effort at keeping score. Thankfully the intervention of The Gort saved more mistakes than the one run error!

It was proving to be a difficult wicket. And runs were not easy to come by. Both Nathan Reeves and Stuart Slater had nice came dos with the bat and Rob Hewlett did well when he entered the field of play.

It was a soling knock anchoring the Middle order from Lyndon ‘The Don’ Billingham that steadied the ship and kept us in the game. The Birthday Weekend boy showed his potential. Also giving great encouragement to new batting partners with positive advice.

Martin and Davies famed for their work with the ball also chipped in with some valuable runs. Unlike Wright who managed to be bowled for his second duck of the season.
A few snide comments from Highwood supporters caused a little fracas on his way back to the pavilion.

142 was the total that we had to defend!

However before the Elf Glatiators took the field the re-fuelled on an RG super tea!

Matt Wright opened the bowling for the first time in his time with the Health. Getting a Maiden with his first over too. At the other end Nathan Martin pummelled the opposition with pace and precision getting 2 wickets in a superb spell.

Tom Davies had a game on two ends. bowling up the hill he wasn’t feeling it. And it was time to start the Suicide watch. Wright returned to complete his spell taking a wicket along the way.

Super Andy Gorton got his man with a sublime stumping. Exacting some revenge for That Catch!

The 6for man Rob Hewlett also bowled a couple of economic overs too.

However, bowling at the other end TD turned into a cricketing warrior. Rip snorting delivers and soon was amongst the wickets. Despite a valiant attempt from Nathan Reeves he couldn’t quite grasp the ball that would have given *insert Ginger nick name here Tom his hatrick.

The scoreboard began to run away a little a some big sixes were hit from both ends.

Going into the 29th over they opposition needed 32 runs to win off 66 balls.
Tom had broken the back with 2 quick fire wickets but this was a mountain to climb.

The fielding had to be tight. Everyone was committed and brave in stopping runs. Non more so than Stuart Slater who led the way in stemming the flow of runs. Magnificent.

Pressure was on Chuck as he could no longer allow the big hitters any room. And he didn’t. Controlled spin saw him take two wickets. His last 3 overs when the game was in the balance went Maiden, wicket Maiden , Maiden. The Elf’s player of 2014 again superb when the team needed his often hot head to be cool….

Talking of cool… Ice Cool… Then look no further than ICE MAN Chris Hall. The ‘real life super hero’ Returning after breaking his finger in this fixture a couple of weeks earlier.
Putting his body on the line, this is where the weak tumble but the courageous rise to be counted.

8 overs 4 maidens 12 Runs 3 Wickets.

And when The Elfs excellence of execution runs in against the batsman, just like the New Order song we celebrated to in the changing room later…
Arriverderci….it’s 1 on 1. And it was good bye to Highwood Parks hopes of winning.

Every member of the team contributed. We overcame a couple of incidents of Bad sportsmanship and The Elf won the day.
In an epic battle!

This is…..
Of Walsall Health CC

Batting Runs
Gorton, A c b Perks


Chuck, I c b Duncan


Preece, D c b Craig  38
Reeves, N b Evans  5
Hewlitt, R lbw Alsopp  22
Slater, S c b Craig  5
Billingham, L not out  22
Davies, T b Craig 11
Wright, M b Alsopp  0
Martin, N c b Holiday  7
Hall, C not out  0


Walsall Health


Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Wright, M





Martin, N





Davies, T





Hewlitt, R





Chuck, I





Hall, C





Loving the JP bearded look. Will the King of Spain return as the new ‘Beard to be Feared!’?

Nan & Grandad Martin making up The Elf super fans along with Aunty Gail and the Preece Ladies. Might need to start a membership scheme.

Top friendly host behind the bar at Rushall. A really lovely bloke. Helped with drinks and all round good sport.

Split vote with 5 players all having a nomination. Martin, Billingham, Davies & Wright. Proving we all delivered as a great team.
Ice Man Chris Hall takes this weeks award.
With an absolute amazing bowling display!

Chris Hall & Ian Chuck when the pressure was on. Tom Davies caught fire after changing ends. Nathan opened well.
Take your pick from an heroic bowling unit.

The skipper and vice did well, but this weeks award must go the Birthday Boy and The Don of The Elf. Lyndon Billingham.
Positive in his stroke play and in his encouragement of his numerous batting partners. And the best is still yet to come!

Like the bowlers everyone put a shift in today. However, Stuart Slater edges the award. Like a wall. And brave when needed too.

It is as a double shift today as the beverage beauty was also the food fashionista as she made the teas. As always a top spread and quality cakes from the Mommy G too!

It was a hot day and there were a few envious looks when Rob smothered Rachel in sun cream. But we knew that Rob would apply some to us all if we just asked!

Club colours were the order of the day as when the temperature dropped the ‘2 Jugs’ Hoodie was on display!

To the tune of New Orders England Anthem… ‘Dai’s got his hips in motion’!
Some may say that the Welsh Wonder is the Vintage Slater of the Valleys. Maybe one day his memoirs will reveal all.
Another fine turn out from the Preece family.


Written by Matthew Wright

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