V Coventry Willow CC (02/08/15)


2nd August 2015

WHCC v Coventry Willow CC
@ Nuneaton

Walsall Health (152-8 40 Overs) lost to Coventry Willow (228-8 40 Overs)

The Elf travelled to Warwickshire lacking many regular players. With long standing skipper Rich Fell back at the helm with Angharrad Preece donning the whites along with Father & Son duo Nicka & Daniel Dunn not to mention the languid left armed spinner Josh Butler making a return for his first game of 2015 we took to the field.

It would seem for the first time this season we had glorious sunshine. And one of the fastest outfields we have encountered this season.

Tom Davies and Nathan Martin opened the bowling with Alice Band wearing Doc taking the first wicket. Matt Wright taking a catch at square leg. The sort of Dolly Land catch reigning fielder of the year Rob Hewlett has at the corner stone of his success. Nathan doing really well after realising he had misplaced his spikes only hours before the game.

Welsh Tom got in amongst the Wickets too bowling another strong spell and it wasn’t until later in the game when he dropped avert tough catching attempt that the now trademark tantrum reared its head. The Ginger Jewel in the Elfs bowling crown was on form again this week.


‘Annie’ Preece – Star Fielder

Last time at this ground The Rotund Right Arm Spinner Wright, took 2 wickets with 5 balls. And once again got into the act with 3 wickets. The highlight being a 2 wicket maiden over. However after the Lord Mayors show came the proverbial….as his 6th and last over of the day got smacked for 14 runs.

The home team could have had even more runs on the board baring the high energy all action, brave and bold fielding of Angharad Preece. Not only fearless but also had a massive arm reaching the wickets from the boundary.

You can’t talk about fielding without 6 Time. Yes that’s right 1,2,3,4,5 SIX TIME fielder of the year Rich Fell getting a mention. The usual superb stops and run saving dives came into play but one chase and slide into the boundary in front of the pavilion was pure test match special.


Alan ‘Nicka’ Dunn, solid bowling spell.


Dan Dunn tremendous both with bat and ball, shame about the shirt (some would say).


The Dunn boys came into the attack. And the dynamic Dingles put in a good shift. Both unlucky not to take wickets as there were a couple of wild shots that just didn’t find our field.




Josh Butler famed for his left hand grenades didn’t bring his live ammo on this occasion, saving his efforts for a fine batting display that would see the long levered lefty tantalise us with a decent batting knock. Getting out the reverse sweep from somewhere in his Locker.

Ian Chuck came to the party with 2 quality wickets bowling their danger man and as always showing class with the ball. Yet fielding advice forced upon the skipper saw him punished with a lengthy spell at cow corner for the misdemeanour.

A senior batsman for Coventry Willow by the name of Pigott got 81 runs and had a classy superb nock and was the foundation for the 228 runs that the home team put on the board.

Super Andy Gorton and Chuck set about the chase. Player of the Year I.Chuck didn’t last too long after making 6 runs. The Gort set about chiseling out 30 runs. Even running a 3 on a hot day this was impressive for the legend.

Rich Fell looked in good nick before being undone by a fizzing swinging Jaffa of the highest order. Until then it looked like the Skipper could be heading to a big score.

Pocket Dynamo Nathan Reeves batting without a helmet after smashing it up in a moment of temper last outing hit a few good shots that on other days would have been 4s rather than 1s and 2s. And for Andy Gorton a bit like Basil Fawlty when the Germans stayed… don’t mention the RUN OUT.

Daniel Dunn had a classy nick and showed great maturity belying his junior years out performing all but the Gort with the bat. 3 boundaries and some great stroke play made for a mighty debut.

Angharad came out with more layers than a vienetta. Continuing her great display hitting a boundary to cap a fine performance.

It was that good lets hear about it twice. Josh Butler and a reverse sweep! (Woooof)
Sexy batting.

Nathan came out to the middle and smashed a quick fire 16. Leaving tail Enders Davies and Wright to see out the remaining overs. Matt getting double figures for the first time.

153 not enough. But a valiant effort by the team on a great summers afternoon and a game played in the best of spirits.



Batting Runs
Gorton, A run out


Chuck, I b Singh


Fell, R b Josh  20
Reeves, N b Sharma  7
Dunn, D c b Ellis  24
Preece, A b Fenton  4
Butler, J Stumped b Pibial  8
Martin, N c b Ellis 16
Davies, T not out  4
Wright, M not out  10
Dunn, A dnb


Walsall Health


Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Davies, T





Martin, N





Wright, M





Dunn, A





Dunn, D





Butler, J





Butler, J






Daniel Dunn. Brilliant with the Bat, outstanding Overs bowled and fantastic in the field. A great outing from a young man with so much talent and such a bright cricketing future ahead of him. Hopefully, we will see him have an outing for the Elf again soon. However Dad Nicka must take some of the credit for letting him play!

Super Andy Gorton. Stopped prematurely in his tracks from maybe getting a big score today. But with the runs contributed 1/5 of the total we amassed!

Matt Wright took 3 wickets, but Ian Chuck with his brace and the scalp of danger man Pigott edges this weeks accolade.

Angharad Preece. Sensational effort. Stopped everything that came her way. Exceptional.

Day of the flying Ants. It was that time of the year when they took to the air.
Great to see the Skipper Dave and I will leave formal good news announcements to him.
JP would appear to have a Jimmy Nail / Crocodile Dundee hat that is just the ultimate. Stylish accessory that the Elf has ever seen!

Hot Hot Hot. Both Rachel and the weather today. However talk of the previous nights
Top was the item of busty fashion. No hang over rating as one threatened and without pop duty as it was an away game a sun burnt ear was the rewards for the day off in the sunshine.

Busy day for the Elf Legend. Forgotten glasses meant that JP was on scoring duty and that allowed him frequent trips to the bar. With Sue behind the wheel and no driving duty… What time was it…. beer o’clock.

Written by Matthew Wright

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