V Oak n Ash (09/07/17)


Walsall Health 150 All Out (39.3 overs) lost to Oak N Ash 154-6 (35.1 overs) by 3 wickets

The Elf were back at home this week on the ‘coliseum’ at Aldridge for the first time this season against Oak N Ask who they defeated back in April by the narrowest of margins; 5 runs.

Rob Hewlitt won the toss and decided to bat first on a glorious day. Chuck and Gort got things going with a solid base being formed and seeing off the opening bowlers until Gort got a bit of a taste of his own medicine when he was stumped for 18.

Dan Dunn was in at 3. It should have been 4 but Greg Phillpott decided to go to the shop for an ice cream and Dan took his place.
The younger Dunn, usually known for his prowess with the ball, showed some maturity at the crease by playing some excellent shots in a good partnership with Chuck until the man from Durban was out for 39.
Greg Phillpott joined Dan and the two men put on a solid partnership to see the Elf past 100. Unfortunately, Greg was out for 24 which was a shame as he was looking in good touch.
Nathan Reeves was in at five, played the shot to pick up a boundary but was caught at slip for four and then Rob Hewlitt was duly dismissed for a quack when Chucky triggered him.
JP got the second quack of the innings and the wheels appeared to be coming off for the Elf when Chorley was out for a single (like Greg’s Saturday night) but Nathan Martin steadied the ship with 15 valuable runs lower down the order before Tom Davies finally got off the mark for the season with an inside edge down to fine leg and the lads posted 150.

After the teas were demolished, the Elf set about defending their below par score with Nathan Martin and Nicka Dunn on season debut bowled some tight lines, their 13 overs going for less than 3 an over but neither man picked up a wicket.
Tom Davies came on at 1st change but was unable to break through, unfortunately went for a bit of tap off the Oak N Ash opener ‘Luke’ who was making batting look easy out in the middle.
It wasn’t until The Legend Chris Hall came on and picked up two wickets that the Elf started to get themselves back in the game. Dan Dunn replaced Chall and picked up two wickets from 3 overs to solidify his place as an all rounder in the Elf line up.
Chucky bowled some spin but got pinged for 18 off one over which tipped the game back to Oak N


Ash once he had finished his spell, picking up a wicket in the process.
With 14 needed Tom Davies steamed in and picked up the Elf’s 6 dismissal not before losing his mind over an LBW decision given not out and having his shirt half off in protest. VILLAGE.

Oak N Ask saw themselves home with 4 byes and handed the Elf only their 2nd defeat of the season. The boys are back at Rushall next week to fact Old Moseley Fitmen. Chorley is already in training to take on the travelator.

Drinks review

Three drinks breaks today, George was on hand again to dish out the squash. Hard to refrigerate at the Coliseum, no electricity in Roman Britain you see. 6/10

Tea Review

No chef Bradley today as she was still hungover from U2 the night before and G Brad was there to enjoy the ‘Beautiful Day’ but the lads still ate tea ‘With or Without You’ (I’ll stop). Lovely sponge cakes which certainly got Chorley and T Davies excited. 8/10.

Shower Club

As many as seven for showers this week but the lads had to retreat to the ‘back showers’ at Aldridge due to the ‘top pitch’ being used. Decent showers but relatively cosy so the showering Elves had to go in like Noah’s Ark, 2 by 2. No way are you getting 4 underneath each shower head. Decent heat and water flow but never any more than a seven at home. 7/10

Love Island update

Without Fitz, Dan Armstrong or Andy Carrick to tell tales from the island of Love, Tom Davies took one for the team and watched half an hour or so on Wednesday to his utter displeasure. Someone called Theo is a bit of a player and Camilla is certainly the only attractive girl in there being well read and travelled, the rest are oxygen thieves. Toilet telly.

Great British Menu update

No GMB this week but the lads are looking forward to Gail’s great British menu at Rushall next week. * dreams of Olives *

Tales from the Travelator

The flat surface at the Coliseum provides no travelator to run up this week but there was an abundance of sweets and ice lollies expertly provided by Nicka. Even a white chocolate magnum for Chorley who said if it wasn’t for that he wouldn’t have got those two wickets. Superb.


Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
Chuck, I b I Cochran  39
Gorton, A stumped T Cochran 18
Dunn, D b J Cotton 30
Phillpott, G b Bailey 24
Reeves, N c ? b Bailey 4
Hewlitt, R lbw J Cotton  0
Preece, J c ? b Finn  0
Hall, C ct ? b A Cotton 1
Martin, N b A Cotton  15
Davies, T not out  1
Dunn, A b Finn  1
 Extras  17
Walsall Health  150
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Martin, N  5 2 10 0
Dunn, A 8 2 26 0
Davies, T 7 0 36 1
Hall, C 6 1 20 2
 Phillpott, G 6 0 18 1
 Chuck, I 6 0 39 1
Dunn, D 3.1 1 9 2



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