V Lichfield Nomads (22/07/18)


Walsall Health CC 166-6 (40 overs) beat Lichfield Nomads 135-7 (40 overs) by 31 runs

The Elf made the 20 mile or so journey across the Midlands to Kings Bromley this week to play Lichfield Nomads on a baked pitch and in sweltering conditions.
Fortunately for Elf gingers Tom Davies and Alex Nunns skipper Hewlitt won the toss and batted first. Ian Chuck was heard miles away being appalled at the decision in such favourable batting conditions #chuckbowlsfirst

The Elf started extremely steadily on what looked a glorious deck but the Nomads bowlers Fearon, Taylor and Moss showed how it was done and at the first drinks break the elf were steady at 54-0.
It wasn’t until veteran John Hoddy came on to break the opening partnership of Andy Gorton and Dave Preece by trapping Gort in front of all three for 35.
Alex Nunns came and went for 6 (something about forgetting his sun cream) and then Dave Preece was bowled playing across the line for 31 and the Elf were wobbling at 99-3.
Rob Hewlitt and new found all rounder Dan Armstrong hit some quick runs but Rob went for 18 after looking in good nick.

Dan Dun entered the fray (fortunately not in his socks and sliders which are the most #village thing I’ve seen all year..) but was out for 7, as was Dave Stephens pushing for runs at the end. ‘Two Plates’/’No Shower’ Armstrong finished with a handy 41 not out giving his side a target to bowl at.

After tea was demolished, the Elf set about defending their total (finally, once the openers decided to show up).
Dave Stephens and Dan Dun took the old ball for the Elf and bowled very well first up. Dan Dunn got the first wicket after a suspect stumping was not given. What was the reason you ask? Oh well, apparently the umpire ‘couldn’t see the line’….what? Move to the OTHER SIDE THEN. So he did, and surprise surprise the next one was given.
Dave Stephens got Fearon clean bowled and the Elf were in good shape.
The next two batsmen of Nick and Moss played well and didn’t score many runs off Davies and Hall but also didn’t get their side above the run rate. The next suspect moment came when Nick ‘nicked off’ the ball lodged between Gort’s legs, Nick walked and then the batsman at the other end decided the ECB rules had changed and that wasn’t out. WHAT?

Karma struck soon after and Moss was out trying hit Dan Armstrong’s off spin into Fradley. Dave Preece got the next wicket when his fielding got Nick run out going for runs and the Elf looked in prime position to get the win.
Dave Stephens came back on and picked up Hutton and Tom Davies got a wicket after a smart catch from Rob Hewlitt. Chris Hall got the last laugh by bowling the 40th over as maiden.

Well done boys, the bowling unit performed superbly today and won us the game. That’s now nine undefeated! #Spiritoftheelf

Tea review

Nomads have clearly been reading our reviews as they pulled out all the stops today but putting OLIVES and Strawberries on the menu no less. Unfortunately there was no English mustard or Pork Pie but a solid 9/10.

Shower club update

Decent showers this week but the smallish changing room resembled a Turkish Spa with all those bodies and warm water vapour in the air. 6/10 on a purely moisture basis.


Written by Tom Davies





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