V Lapworth CC (10/09/17)


Walsall Health CC 218-3 (38 overs) v.s. Lapworth CC 24-0 (6 overs) MATCH ABANDONED

On  a day that records could have been set and landmarks achieved with both willow and leather in an already record breaking season, it was down to two things: the toss of the coin and skies above.
Fortunately skipper Rob Hewlitt won the toss and Chuck opened up with Al. Chuck was 55 runs short of reaching 1,000 runs in a season, a feat that has never been seen before in 30 years of the Elf.

Al and Chuck were going along nicely but both men gave chances early with the Lapworth fielders looking like they couldn’t have caught a bus, let alone a cricket ball in the opening exchanges.
The wind chill factor was certainly affecting the players and spectators but the opening partnership went nicely past fifty and Nath Martin (who had ‘done a lap’ with Chorley and Dan ‘two plates’ Armstrong) called Tom Davies from the other side of the field who was scoring to ask what Chuck was on, 27 was the reply and the Elf lads watched on nervously for a few more overs.

At drinks break the Elf were 80odd for no wicket, Chuck chugging along nicely on 39 and Al surpassing him slowly to hit another well made fifty just as the Elf went past 100.
Chuck seemed to take an age to get into the forties but when he did, there were muted celebrations when Chuck hit a single to reach fifty, the whole squad knowing he was five away from greatness.
With the very next ball he faced he slapped a four through the covers and it took him two more deliveries to get that elusive single where Chuck ran through, arms aloft screaming ‘yes’. Quite village really, think Kevin Pietersen vs. Australia in that 5th Oval test in 2005.

What an achievement by Chuck, surely going down in Elf folklore for an astonishing achievement. At this point, Chorley eventually could sit down as he’d spent the first half of the game pacing around the boundary in anticipation of the record.

Chuck and Al put the Lapworth boys to the sword in the overs that followed, boundaries galore in a 173 run stand putting that partnership 3rd on the Elf all time list. Good biffing lads. Chuck eventually out for 78, 23 runs over what was required in what’s been a top season with the wood in his hands.

Sam Stephens entered the fray with only required 9 to reach 2,000 runs for the club and Sam brought it up in typical Sam fashion –  a boundary. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and he was out for 11 but again what did he care? A landmark was achieved.

Andy Carrick hit a couple of boundaries on his way to 12 not out but the one thing the Elf wanted to see was Alex Nunns reach his ton but it was not to be, eventually bowled for 94 but still another record set, this was Al’s highest score for the Elf.

As the rain set in, the Elf finished on 218-3 after 38 overs and the two skippers decided on a 38 over game after tea.

With the ‘bowling award’ in sight, Rob Hewlitt asked Nath Martin and Tom Davies to open up in a shoot out for the award.
Nath started in great fashion with a maiden and Tom bowled typically crap when he was biffed for two fours in first over just as the rain set in.
In Nath’s third over the batsmen went for a quick single and Andy Carrick produced some excellent fielding at cover and a precise throw to Trig behind the stumps to put the Elf ahead on Duckworth/Lewis.

It was not to be as at the end of Davies’ third over the rain set in again and after 20 minutes or so of heavy rain both skippers shook hands and the game was abandoned.

What a season it’s been for the Elf, a record setting fourteen wins and records set with the bat with Chuck and then Chris Hall and Tom Davies becoming the first bowling pair since 1993 to both reach over 25 wickets for the season. More of the same next year please.

A final shout out to those at the club who might not play but certainly have a massive impact, Both Rach and Gail for organising and preparing EPIC teas when the fixtures are at Rushall. Dai for his continued support throughout the season and Chorley for keeping all stats up to date. Also to Rob for excellent captaincy and even organising as the season goes on and also to everyone else who turns up and makes Sundays such a joy with the loom of work the next day. Let’s make 2018 better and 2017!

Tea review

That Victoria Sponge is certainly something to look forward to after a long 40 overs in the field. Top cake. 6/10

Shower club update

The showers at Aldridge have gone down recently, low pressure and a spray of water. The bright spot being Elf heartthrob Greg Phillpott having three showers just to find the correct pressure after some PPP the night before.
As it was the last game the lads enjoyed a beer in the showers in plastic cups, which was a nice touch to end the season. 6/10

Tales from the travelator

No travelator on the top pitch but Martin & Davies had to deal with bowling into rain and bowling with a ball that resembled a bar of Cussons’ Pearl soap and having to run in through what could have resembled the field in Passchendaele in 1942 to bowl their overs, muddy to say the least. The lads were glad it was over when the skippers called it off.

Well done lads once again, great season and I’m glad these reports are received so greatly by all those who read them. Many thanks and see you in 2018.

Written by Tom Davies

Batting Runs
 Chuck, I  c Williams b Long  78
Nunns, A b Fell 94
Stephens, S b Williams 11
Carrick, A not out 12
Hewlitt, R not out 9
Fell, R dnb
Phillpott, G dnb
Martin, N dnb
Stephens, D dnb
Hall, C dnb
 Davies, T  dnb
 Extras  14
Walsall Health 218
Bowling Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Martin, N  3 1 9 0
Davies, T 3 0 15 0



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