V Beaumont CC (17/06/18)


Walsall Health CC 189-4 (40 overs) beat Beaumont CC 150 all out (37.4 overs) by 39 runs

The Elf won their fifth consecutive game of the season today against Beaumont, a fixture that has been ever present since the club started in the late 1980s.

A minute applause in remembrance of Rupert.

The game began on a sad note when the boys heard from the visitors that long serving Beaumont player Rupert Lisle sadly passed away over the Christmas period 2017. Tributes were led by Elf legend Andy Gorton who said some kind words and coordinated a minute applause in remembrance of Rupert.

Beaumont won the toss and put the Elf in. Gort and Chuck started the innings but the two elves were bogged down in the opening overs of the game by Johnson and Grainger who bowled with discipline and were unlucky to not get a wickets. The first wicket game when H.Jandhu came on and Dan Armstrong triggered Chuck for 25. It wasn’t long until Krish (who looked to be throwing it) came on and JP did what he does best and triggered Gort to a ball that looked to be too high from the boundary.

Alex Nunns and in form skipper Rob Hewlitt dug in for a few overs but the second change bowlers from Beaumont could not keep the runs down. The ‘Ginger Lara’ and the ‘Horsham Kohli’ put on an excellent partnership of 91 at a very quick run rate to give the Elf a great chance of winning the fixture.
The game was evenly poised on 92-2 at the end of the 28th over but by the time Al nicked off for 39 in the 35th, the score was 151-3 and the hosts were in a commanding position.
Skipper Hewlitt applied the pressure and went to another 50 this season, finally finishing 63 not out after Rich Fell hit a quick 12 and Leo Chuck finally got his first runs for the club in the last over.

As the evening begun, the Elf defended their total in the Coliseum with dangerous Beaumont stalwarts Hodgson and Johnson striding out to face Armstrong and pacey Leo Chuck with the new ball.
After a few nice boundaries, Johnson was triggered LBW for 16 off Armstrong and Tom Davies got the number three Khrisna for one after Alex Nunns took a great catch at point.
Beaumont’s captain Rands entered the fray and neither Chally or Tom could break the partnership so it was left to Kolpak spinner Ian Chuck who came on to try and break the deadlock.
A great contest over six balls ensued between Chuck and Hodgson who Chuck sledged before he’d even bowled a ball by saying “if he cuts me he’s doing very well”…Hodgson went to cut him 3 balls out of 5 including a nice four through point but Chuck won the battle with a quicker ball yorker to get his side’s third wicket with his final ball of the over.

Chris Hall tirelessly went through the mill for 8 overs on the bounce and finally picked up a wicket when he get Rands caught behind by Gort and Beaumont were 110-4 needing more than six an over to win with their four main batsman back in the hutch back in the squash changing rooms all 22 men were expected to change in* #village

A nice match threatening partnership between Johnson and Jandhu came together before Tom Davies got Johnson caught behind by Chuck.
Elf Heartthrob Greg Phillpott came on and was on full janitor duties picking up the next three wickets for virtually no runs. First Hall  got Esp and Alex Nunns got Parks. Both catches were skied pretty high so some excellent fielding on display. Gort got his second caught behind of the day and Leo Chuck hustled in for the last two wickets in two balls meaning the next time he bowls, he’s on a hat-trick.

Well played lads against always top bunch Beaumont. There’s a reason why both sides have consistently played over the years, games played fair and square and always toasted with a beer after.

Tea review

Aldridge Victoria sponge is back 7/10

Shower Club update

Still no Dan Armstrong and the lads had to leave the chaotic changing room and head to the normal Aldridge changing rooms for the shower they craved but once again piss poor water flow means they may as well have showered under a tap. 1/10

Love Island update

Is anyone even watching this year?


Written by Tom Davies






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