Rain Dampens a Fixture with Cancellation… …But not ‘The Spirit of the Elf!’

Matt Wright - guest writer from The Elf training camp

Matt Wright – guest writer from The Elf training camp

Guest writer and spin wizard Matt Wright reports as The Elf make the most of the cancelled clash with Swynnerton.

Amber weather warnings threatening biblical downpours and meteorological armageddon may not have arrived at our doors in the Midlands, but the overnight precipitation that continued into this morning were enough to cancel Walsall Health’s away fixture against a potentially strong Swynnerton team.

Not to rest on our laurels, Rob Hewlitt, fresh from viewing yesterday’s England Victory over India at Old Trafford, organised an indoor alternative.  With Stumps, Oldbury, providing a venue for an ‘Elf’ training session.

Eight of the rostered starting XI made it to Nets where three tracks were in action.  Batting, bowling and fielding drills were the order of the day.  With Hewlitt & Wright turning the middle net into the party zone.  It was where all the fun and games was.  Vodka filled bails and stumps are mooted for future antics and a petition put into stumps to rename it the Stuart Slater Tribute Track.   The accuracy award going to Dave Stephens, taking home a large cuddly toy and a golf fish. Watch out travelling fairs he could punish you.

One lane was erratic with debris all over it.  Mat Danks coping well with some mystery balls.  And dispatching some that pitched up around his ears.  The dynamic Danks will now be sidelined possibly for the remainder or the season.  Everyone associated with Walsall Health CC wish him the very best for the pending operation and a swift recovery.

After spectating on Thursday nights session Tipton’s Tony Stark, Iron Man, Chris Hall was back in action and treating us to some of his vintage bowling, however, it was his floral flourishes with the bat that may now have given him a new monica, Lord Chally of Tipton.  However, rumour had it there may be a slight weakness in the Iron Man armour being undone by the Chuck & Wright spin bowling combination.

Super Andy Gorton, he bats, he keeps wicket.. And what’s that?… He bowls too!  Is there nothing this Elf star can’t do!? Deceptive looping deliveries causing a couple of wickets to clank.

Is Rob Hewlitt the new King of the Swingers?  And I’m not talking about fishing car keys out of a bowl to get lucky, but the all round, all action, Walsall Wizard is getting movement in the air.

It was unusual to have Tom Davies bowling without 10 nicknames per second shouted out.  Secretly happy that the game was rained off so he could watch the golf.

iChuck buzzing around all over the place with helpful coaching tips.  With recent batting heroics it shouldn’t be forgotten he is a ninja with the ball too.

The session started with Dave Stephens smashing the stumps in the fielding practice and ended much the same, clean blowing Matt Wright chasing ‘4 to win’ off the last ball.

We assume those not present had individual training plans…The skipper was working on his running between wickets, Nathan at anger management classes and well Sam is just too good anyway, deserves a day off!

Rachel ‘2 Jugs’ Gorton was also missed as it was hot and humid in Sweltering indoor conditions and a refreshing beverage would have been very welcome.

It’s not quite Game Day, but it’s a great team spirit at the ‘Elf’ and a fun training session was had by all!

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